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khadi is used for abolishing the foreign clothes.khadis special is of hand made product and it is done by spinning wheel.khadi cloth is determined as our country cloth,it determines that khadi is our country's cloth

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Q: What is the role of Khadi in India's freedom struggle?
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What role did toussaint l' ouverture play in haitis struggle?

Toussaint L'Ouverture was an important leader of the Haitian Revolution.

What was the role of manjari sena in Indian freedom struggle?

In India's struggle of independence during civil Disobedience movement(1930-1931) the movement also popularized a variety of forms of mobilization. In which bands of men women and children went around at dawn singing nationalist songs, became the rule in village and towns even the group of small children were also organized into VANAR sena or monkey army and atleast at one place the girls decided they wanted their own separate MANJARI sena or cat army!!

What role did John Paul ii play in ending the cold war?

He promoted religious freedom and supported anticommunist movements in Europe.

What was Toussaint L'Ouverture contribution to society?

Because of the sacrifice he had made, his role in the Haitian revolutionary war, the slaves revolted in haiti and gained their freedom. that mobilize slaves around the world to reclaim their right as free and equal man.

Was Marc bloch marxist?

No, but neither was he an anti-Marxist. Like Marxists he emphasised the role of broad social forces rather than individuals in shaping history, and like marxists he was interested in patterns in history rather than the identification of single defining events. He did not, however, see reason to privilege 'class struggle' or 'technological determinism' as overarching driving forces for all of history, so he was not a historical materialist and therefore not a Marxist.

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What is the role of Tamil nadu in Indian freedom struggle?

This is where everythin started.

Sarojini Naidu role in freedom struggle?

she help india to became free

What is the role of INA in Indian freedom struggle?

International national assembly to protect the India

What role did nehru played in India's freedom struggle?

he went to jail in order to protect the country

Role of anne basant in India's struggle for freedom?

anne bassant motivated many Indians leaders and other common people to fight for freedom..

Indias role in countribution of nam?

India was neutral.

Who was better moderates or extremists in Indian freedom struggle?

They basially believe in Indian Freedom, they are different in how they act to promote that freedom.

What Indias role in the opium trade?

See: India/Opium Trade

What has the author Muhammad Anwar Khan written?

Muhammad Anwar Khan has written: 'The role of N.W.F.P. in the freedom struggle' -- subject(s): History

Role of khadi in Indian Independence Movement?

khadi makes chiks look hot and hence the guys wanted to showoff that they were macho so they struggled harder than before.i am a 12 year old boy

What was the role of women in the anti-imperial struggle in vietnamese.Compare this with the role of women in the nationalist struggle in India?

comparison between women struggle in vietnam and india

What Made Khadi a Game Changer Fabric?

Khadi has played a significant role in the fashion industry and has been a game-changer. It has been reimagined by fashion designers, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary designs. But what made Khadi a game changer? Let's find out. 👉Interest in Sustainable Fashion 👉Efforts to Revive Traditional Craftsmanship 👉Government Initiative to Promote Khadi 👉Reinvention by Fashion Designers Khadi's versatility, eco-friendliness, and rich heritage has made it a game changer, influencing fashion trends and becoming the ethical choice for consumers. Only time can tell what further exploration and experimentation is done in the fashion industry with Khadi. For now, the fabric is basking in the limelight that it deserves.