What is the stuppa?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A stupa is a symbol of enlightenment and is one of the most ancient icons of Buddhist art. Stupas are also the oldest and most prevalent forms of Buddhist architecture. More than just being examples of art and architecture, these holy monuments were designed with deep symbolism and sacred geometry. Filled with Buddhist relics, and other holy objects, stupas emanate blessings and peace. A stupa is the most sacred monument found in all of the ancient Buddhist countries. Unique amongst all forms of sacred architecture, it is the quintessential symbol of enlightenment. Stupas are filled with sacred images, mantras and the relics of holy beings. The foundation, symmetry, orientation and contents of the stupa create incredible power to those who even look upon it. It has the potential to transcend the limitations of language to activate enlightened knowledge. "A stupa is a place where all the Buddhas are abiding. Those beings who don't have the karma actually to see Buddha need the holy objects of body, speech and mind - statues, scriptures, stupas - as a field for accumulating merit." - Guhyasamaja Root Text

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Q: What is the stuppa?
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