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coalitation wrong spelling

coalition correct spelling

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Q: What is the term for a temporary alliance between groups who are usually on different sides?
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How are treaties broken?

it depends on what you are looking for: in World War 1, there was a bunch of alliances, formed by treaties, agreements, and whatnot. there are two types of alliances covert and overt. an overt alliance is an alliance between two countries that they recognize and is publicly known. (an example would be America and Great Britain; Germany and Austria-Hungary) a covert alliance is an alliance that is secret. usually, a country does not have to honor a covert alliance, so this ends up with a lot of backstabbing as you can imagine. alliances were the main reason why WW1 started. with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand by a Serbian nationalist terrorist group (the Black Hand), Austria was enraged. They declared war on Serbia. Russia then declared war on Austria-Hungary (because of alliances). Soon after, Germany declared war on Russia. not sure if this helps, but if it doesnt, restate the question to be more specific and i might be able to help you...

How did the Alliance systems contribute to World War 2?

The Alliance system allowed countries to make allies with other countries secretly. Therefore, a war which would have involved only a few countries involved the entire world because allies backed each other up in war. WW2 isn't a good example since Hitler would have probably run through all of Europe anyway, and eventually the US, to eradicate those he thought "impure". WW1 however is a great example because a war which would have been between Austria Hungry and Serbia ended up encompassing the world due to alliances.

What is global inequalities?

Global inequality, in a broad sense, is the idea that people in different places (or times) are unequal in terms of their relations to one-another. Usually, people focus on economic equality, and, in the world, different regions are differently developed and, therefore, have different levels of wealth between them and distributions of wealth in their populations. Economic inequality is difficult to measure but a popular method is known as the GINI coefficient, which measures inequality by dispersion of income in different segments of society.

In Europe when a conflict develops between countries the small unstable countries usually do what?

side with stronger countries

What is an African Creole?

An African Creole is a language that is a mix between an African language and a completely unrelated language (usually French or English).

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Temporary alliance between groups who are usually on different sides?


Whats the definition of coalitions?

A coalition is an alliance between two or more people/groups of people. It is usually used when referencing a temporary alliance between political parties.

What is a carraer on the hunger games?

The Career is usually the tributes from Districts 1,2, and 3. They spend nearly their whole lives training for the Games and they form a temporary alliance during the Games and they kill off the "weaker" contestants. But as the numbers of remaining contestants dim down, so too does their alliance

Different between temporary magnet and Parmanent magnet?

A temporary magnet can be magnetized or demagnetized easily, while a permanent magnet retains its magnetization over a long period of time. Temporary magnets are usually made of soft magnetic materials like iron, while permanent magnets are made of hard magnetic materials like neodymium or ferrite. Temporary magnets require an external magnetic field to maintain their magnetism, whereas permanent magnets do not.

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Permanent exhibits in a museum are usually owned by the museum and are often or always on display. A temporary exhibit is usually owned by someone else, or another museum, and is loan to the museum where it is being exhibited for a finite period of time.

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A revoked license means it has been canceled or terminated, usually due to serious offenses. A suspended license is temporary and usually for a specific period or until certain conditions are met.

What are temporary colors?

Temporary colors are hair dyes that do not penetrate the hair shaft deeply and usually wash out after a few shampoos. These colors are great for experimenting with different shades without committing to a long-term color change. Temporary colors often come in the form of rinses, sprays, or semi-permanent dyes.

What is the difference between migrant worker and a refugee?

Migrant workers are new temporary workers for (usually) financial reasons. Refugees are new permanent workers for (usually) political reasons.

What is a party coalition?

A party coalition is referred to as a fusion of two or more parties for electoral purposes. This is usually an alliance formed by different parties with one objective.

What is a ratio between 2 different quantities?

A ratio between two (usually) different quantities is the rate. Usually used to describe something compared to a quantity of time.

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temp: Temporary employees usually do not receive benefits?