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The Canadian Shield is an area of Canada where the oldest exposed rocks of the planet are present. These provide a great mineral wealth but because of the thin (or non existent) soil start and inclement climate the opportunities for agriculture are limited. There are no hydrocarbon reserves in the area.

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  • It contains Lots of gold

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Q: What is true of the Canadian Shield region in North America?
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Is it cold in the Canadian shield region?

In the North it is and in the South it is not.

What is the physiographic region called the Canadian Shield?

The Canadian Shield is a large geological region in North America primarily composed of ancient rocks that are among the oldest on Earth. It covers a significant portion of Canada and parts of the United States, and its landscape is characterized by rugged terrain, numerous lakes, and dense forests. The Canadian Shield is a key source of mineral resources such as gold, nickel, and copper.

The geologic core of North America?

The Canadian Shield

Where the Canadian shield located?

in canada in north america

Where are the largest oil reserves in North America?

in the Canadian Shield

Is it true that the Canadian shield was brought to north America by the viking?


What are Four great regions in north America?

Below are listed seven recognized geographical regions of Canada. Canadian Arctic Lands Canadian Cordillera Canadian Shield Great Plains Hudson Bay Lowlands Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Lowlands Appalachian Region

Who found the Canadian shield?

The Canadian Shield is the oldest mountain range in North America. It is entirely in Canada and arcs around Hudson's Bay.

Which region has the oldest rock formation in north America?

The oldest rocks in North America are found in Minnesota. The oldest of these rocks age to 3.6 billion years old.

Where is the shield of north America located?

In central Canada. The Canadian Shield, also known as the Laurentian Plateau, is a large region of Canada around Hudson Bay, north of the Great Lakes and stretching from the Northwest Territories to Labrador. The shield occupies almost half of Canada's land area.

What is North America's Largest shield called?

It is called the Canadian Shield, also known as the Laurentian Plateau, a large region occupying nearly half of Canada around Hudson Bay. It is located north of the Great Lakes and stretches from the Northwest Territories to Labrador.

What is the name of the Canadian land form that is the largest land form of it's kind in North America?

Canadian Shield Plateau