What is viking history?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Viking named Leif Ericsson came to Canada and named it Vinland. He was the 1st person to visit Canada . He came even before John Cabot, Jaques Cartier, and Samuel de Champlain. Also, the Vikings pray to the god Thor . (You know the one with the hammer)

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Q: What is viking history?
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What is an important aspect of Viking history?

the impornat aspext of viking histiry is people use live town now we lie cites Fran Tarkington as their Quarterback was probably the most important aspect of Viking history.

What time in history is leif erikson?

The Viking age.

Who was the first viking to invent viking writing?

If by viking writing, you mean the Futhark, that is lost in history. The Futhark has been around since at least 200 CE, way before the vikings were vikings.

What has the author Lena Elisabeth Norrman written?

Lena Elisabeth Norrman has written: 'Viking women' -- subject(s): History, Scandinavia, Viking Civilization, Viking Women, Women, Women weavers, Antiquities

Was the Norwich Union part of Viking history?

yes it was for about forty to fifty years around the end of the 9th century. it was said that the viking was a strong cultural influence in norwich.

What has the author Peter Godfrey Foote written?

Peter Godfrey Foote has written: 'The Viking achievement' -- subject(s): Civilization, Northmen, Scandinavia, Social history, Viking Civilization, Vikings 'Aurvandilsta' '1117 in Iceland and England' -- subject(s): History, Law

What is lief erikssons nationality and background history?

He was a Viking explorer. He was born and raised in Iceland, and lived in Greenland.

Was Leif Ericson was from the English?

he was a guy that explored south africa. the first viking in history. his family lived in china

Do Viking sagas tell traveling stories?

Yes . It is their oral history as a people, especially regarding explorations and conquests .

What is a Viking Hoard?

A Viking horde is a group of attacking Vikings. A Viking hoard is a Viking treasure.