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Western Europe's prosperity is based on strong economies

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Q: What is western Europe's prosperity base on?
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What is Europes structure?

Western Europe practice slavery. And Russia practice feudalism... James V

What are three western europes world famous cities?

London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Berlin etc.

The bubonic plague known as the black death wiped out what percentage of western europes?

around 25 million people died in total

What was a major effect of the Roman Empire on Western Europe?

It provided security and advanced culture and prosperity.

What is an artificial boundaries?

one of europes bounderies like a Golf course

Compared to the cities of western Europe constantinpole during the early middle ages?

enjoyed greater prosperity

What are Europes religions?

mainly christians

What are Europes colors?

mostle yeloow

What is Europes continent?

Europe IS a continent.

How did the Carthaginians bring change?

They established a trading empire in the Western Mediterranean, increasing their own prosperity, and that of the peoples they traded with.

What is europes most famous mountain?


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