What job did James mccauley have?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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James was a carpenter.

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Q: What job did James mccauley have?
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What was Rosa Parks' father's name?

James McCauley was his name, but people called him Jim.

What was Rosa Parks's first job?


What was Rosa Parks mum name?

her mums name was Leona McCauley her dads name was James McCauley

How did James lousie mccauley die?

No clue. I just know he died in Massachusetts in 1966 at age 78.

Who were Rosa Parks' parents and siblings?

Rosa Parks' parents were James and Leona McCauley and her sibling was Sylvester McCauley.

What was Rosa Parks' mother's name?

Rosa Park's mother's name was Leona Edwards McCauley; her father was James McCauley.

What are the names of Rosa Parks Parents and siblings?

Rosa Parks sibling was Sylvester McCauley.

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James McCauley Leona Edwards

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James and Leona (Edwards) McCauley.

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James McCauley and Leona Edward.

Who are Rosa parks real parents?

what are rosa parks parnets names and where did they grow up at?

Who is Rosa Parks?

Rosa Park's mothers name was Leona McCauley and her father's name was James McCauley. She had a younger brother, named Sylvester.