What job did boudicca have?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Boudicca was queen of the tribe known as the British Iceni. This was a Celtic tribe. They led the uprising against forces who occupied the Roman Empire.

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Q: What job did boudicca have?
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What was boudicca's job?


What was boudicca job?

ancient British queen

What was Boudicca's job description?

Was a British Celtic warrior queen

Was Boudicca a Celt or a Roman?

Boudicca was a Celt.

Is Boudicca Scottish?

Boudicca was not Scottish. She was English.

Where did boudicca get poison from?

Boudicca got the poison from a friend

Who did Boudicca Mary?

Boudicca was married to the Iceni king, Pratsutagus.

Who was boudicca marrid to?

boudicca was married to Prasutagus, and Icenian king

Where did boudicca grow up?

Boudicca was born in Comulodunum (Colchester)

Was boudicca successful?

Boudicca wasnt very successful

When was London burned by Boudicca's tribesmen?

it was burned in 1666 but not by Boudicca's tribesmen!!

When did boudicca's war happen?

Boudicca's uprisings occurred in about AD 60-61