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landforms, rivers, climates, and wildlife

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Q: What kind of features can be used to define a physical region?
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What kind of cradle is the northeast region called?

It would help to know what continent or country you are asking about.If you mean the northeast United States, you could be looking for the "cradle of liberty", since that area was where the American Revolution was born.If you mean the northeastern area of Africa and the Middle East, you could be looking for the "cradle of civilization".

What geographic features were there in the Virginia colony?

The geography was that the soil was actually red clay soil. That kind of soil was very good for growing corn, indigo, tobacco, and rice. The growing season lasted seven months so almost no colonists went hungry.

What are Jagirs?

In Pakistan and India, a Jagir was a small territory granted by the ruler to an army chieftain in fairly short terms usually of three years but not extending beyond his lifetime, in recognition of his military service. The grantee of the jagir, called a Jagirdar, was in effect the ruler of that region and substantial income that was earned (taxes, etc.) from this region went to the owner to maintain his family and his troops. The jagirdar would live at court in Delhi, keeping up his rank and appearing twice a day before the emperor; consequently the jagirdar preferred to receive his share of the dues from the estates in coin rather than in kind.

Who was kind during world war 2?

A completely, strange question. It does depends on what you mean by kind. If it were kind towards the Allied forces, then I suppose it would be Russia, Britain, and America. If it were kind towards the Axis forces, it would be Germany, Japan, and Italy.

What kind of money is used in Europe?


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What are the physical features located within this region the Appalachian mountains?

The phisical features that are in the Appalachian mountain range; kind of obvious mountains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry that's the only one i know. :(

What kind of land features does Michigan have?

Michigan has quite a number of physical features including valleys and woods. One can also notice plains and mountain ranges while in the region.

Peoples feelings and attitudes about an area define what kind of region?

People's feelings and attitudes about an area help shape its cultural region. The collective perceptions and experiences of residents and visitors influence how a place is perceived and the identity it holds within a larger geographic context. This emotional and social relationship with a location can define the essence of a region beyond just its physical boundaries.

What are some physical features that can made up a region?

A physical feature, can be anything on earth that wasn't man made, like mountain's, lakes, rivers, or canyons plus more

What kind of human characteristics does Mauritania have?

the physical features of maurituis

What kind of map sHow is landforms geographic features?

A physical map shows landforms and geographic features such as mountains, rivers, valleys, and plains through the use of contour lines, colors, and shading. Physical maps provide a visual representation of the Earth's natural features and terrain.

What are Natural features of Britain?

natural features are kind of the same as physical features. for example, mountains and rivers are physical features, because they occur naturally. human features are when people have built something, like the London Eye, or the Statue of Liberty.

What kind of map would you use for landforms and water features?

physical map

What kind of physical features does Jamaica have?

Some physical features in Jamaica are: Dunns River Falls, Blue Mountains, and their tropical climate!

Do polar bears have special features?

Polar bears, like other animals in that region, have a kind of blubber under their fur to insulate them from the cold.

What kind of region is a demographic region?

A demographic region refers to an area characterized by specific population attributes such as age, gender, income, education level, or ethnic composition. It is typically defined by demographic data and trends within a geographic area.

What kind of a physical features are found in turkey?

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