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oil painting

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Q: What kind of painting was developed in the Northern Renaissance?
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What kind of painting was the Last Supper?

A Renaissance painting.

What kind of economic problems have developed in the northern forest region in resent years?

what kind of problems have developed in the northern forest region in recent years

What kind of painting is White Trumpet Flower?

it is an oil painting

Definition of the kind of painting Van Gogh done?

Post-impressionist painting.

Is van Gogh included in the Renaissance?

The Renaissance was roughly 1420 - 1520. Vincent lived 1853 - 1890, so he kind of missed the Renaissance.

What kind of great works emerged durin the Renaissance?

What kinds of great works emerged during the Renaissance

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What kind of music was played in the renaissance?

well the kind of music would be the harp and acoustics

What kind of artist is Leonardo DaVinci?

He was usually a self drawer(he drew people) Jxx

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What kind of food was eat during the renaissance?

They eat choclate