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He pooped his pants.

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Q: What land claims did Prince Henry make?
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Who helped Prince Henry make the caravel?

his father

How did Prince Henry make it possible to reach Aisa by ship?

by gathering miterals

How did Prince henry make portugal the leading european country in the drive to explore other parts of the world-?

Prince Henry of Portugal gathered experts to help search for sea routes to the east.

Are there any tennis balls in a Shakespeare play?

Yes, in Henry V. The Dauphin of France, thinking that Henry is a worthless fribble as he appeared to be when he was Prince Hal (in the Henry IV plays) sends as compensation for the English claims to the throne of France a box of tennis balls (which he calls a treasure chest), implying that Henry is probably more interested in tennis than politics. Big mistake. The tennis balls just make Henry mad and more convinced than ever to start a war with France.

What has the author Henry P Dunster written?

Henry P. Dunster has written: 'How to make the land pay, or, Profitable industries connected with the land and suitable to all occupations, large or small'

When did Henry make wales part of England?

Henry was broght up in Wales where he was being hidden. he was Prince of Wales and felt that being regent he could unify the 2 countries.

Did Prince Henry make the astrolabe?

No, astrolabes can be traced back to the Greeks in 150 BC, long before Henrys time.

What was the name of Prince Henry's ship?

Prince Henry the Navigator never went to sea. He was called "the navigator" because he was a map maker and encouraged people to sail farther than enayone had ever sailed from Portugal before; and make maps about the world.

Who was known the explorer that stayed home?

The explorer who stayed home was Prince Henry when he taught sailors in navigation to make sure they make their way through their destination to find a water route to the indies (Asia). They wanted to find a water route because the land route in Constantinople was closed off.

Can you claim adverse possession of state or school owned land in Kentucky?

You cannot make a claim of adverse possession on any government owned land. It is exempt from such claims.

When Henry was a child he had a whipping boy what for?

He was a trouble maker it would make sense to say. Since its not allowed for a Prince to be hit they had a whipping boy for him.

What did Henry eighth do to make monkey?

To make money henry the 8th realised that the pope was very wealthy and owned alot of land, the pope also recives money from the nuns because they respect him dearly so Henry, took the popes job!