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In 1682, LaSalle traveled down the Illinois River to the Mississippi and continued all the way south to the Gulf of Mexico. On April 9, 1682 La Salle claimed all of the Mississippi River Basin for France. That was an enormous amount of land because it included all the rivers and streams that feed into the Mississippi, and all of the land between. It includes much of the western part of North America. He named this area Louisiana in honor of the king. Later, in 1803, France sold this land to the United States, and that led to the explorations of Lewis and Clark and then the westward expansion of America.

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He claimed all of the mississippi valley

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Q: What land did Robert La Salle Claim?
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For whom did Sieur de La Salle claim land?

Robert De La Sallee claimed land for France.

What was the original purpose of Robert la salle journey?

To claim new land for France.

What was Robert la salle motivation for exploration?

His motive for exploration is to claim land for France!

Did Robert de la salle had any risks?

Robert De La Salle's risk was to claim lands which he already did.

Who helped France claim lands around the Mississippi River?

Robert la salle claimed all the Mississippi rivers of France

What land Robert la salle explore?

he exsplorer all the land

What Robert La Salle explore?

he exsplorer all the land

What did la salle claim land for on the length of the Mississippi river?


Did john Cabot proclaim land in Louisiana?

No,robert la salle

Who did Robert de la salle work for?

Robert de la salle

What were Robert de LaSalle's motives?

Robert de la Salle's motives were riches and land.

Robert la salle's death?

Robert la Salle did in march, 19, 1687