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He extended Gupta rule to India's west coast, which made more trading. Gupta rule was at the apex of it's grandeur prospering in agriculture, crafts and trade. The Gupta's let people have wealth and business, which made it a better economy.

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The gupta empire became wealthy through trade. It traded with Chine and other countries in the Mediterranean and southeast Asia. The goods that were traded were salt, iron, and cloth.

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It had silver and gold

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Q: What led to the wealth and power of the Gupta empire under Chandra Gupta II?
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How Gupta empire grow power?


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How did the gupta empire decline?

It fell because of the lack of resources and political power

How did Gupta empire grow power?

Samudra Gupta son of Chandragupta I brought major changes which lead to Gupta empire becoming very powerful.When Samudra Gupta assumed the throne, he then strated to conquere several neighboring kingdoms. Eventually, the Gupta Empire extended across the entire North Indian subcontinent. As he was a great military leader and he was a patron of art and literature and because of him, India entered the Golden age for the first time.The Gupta Empire was also able to become powerful because of trading. The Gupta Empire traded Salt, cloth, and iron with other Empires like China,Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean Sea.

How did the Persians gain wealth and power before becoming an empire?

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What is the gupta dynasty best known for?

A major poet and epic writer named Kalidasa wrote many fine pieces during the Gupta Empire. See Related Links.

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What caused the fall of the gupta?

The White Huns tried to enter India, but the Gupta's were able to hold them off for half a century. With their resources weakened from holding them off they finally entered India and set up kingdoms of their own. Regional governors in the Gupta Empire started taking power and the empire split up.

When did the gupta empire end?

Guptas started declining after the death of the guptan king named skanda gupta.after his deathn a practice named feudelism in which cash payments of the empire were replaced by land grants.this practice was done high ranking officials of the empire.due to this practice over a period of time the gupta empire declined.towards the end of the period many feudal chiefswho owned their beginnings to gupta assumed more power.

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