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The SILK ROAD across Central Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe connected China with Rome.

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Q: What linked china with the Middle East and Rome?
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What linked china with middle east and Rome?

The SILK ROAD across Central Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe connected China with Rome.

Did trade routes linked China with the Middle East and Rome?

Yes. This was the Silk Road.

Is Persia in Rome?

No, it's not. It's in the Middle East.

Is Palestine in Rome?

NoPalestine is in the Middle East (modern day Israel / Gaza)Rome is in Europe (modern day Italy)Palestine is/was an area, sometimes a country, in the Middle East. Rome has always been a city.

How did the slaves of ancient Rome get to Rome?

Slaves came to ancient Rome through slave traders from Europe and Middle East.

Where is Christianity started?

It started in Rome (Not the Middle East) and spread quickly.

Is turkey near in rome?

Rome is a city in Italy. Turkey is a country in the Middle East several hundred miles away from Rome.

Where were the barbarian lands in ancient Rome?

They were in the unconquered areas of eastern europe, germany, and the middle east.

What region of the world today are still strongly influenced by the achievements of Rome?

Europe and the Middle East.

What is a city southeast of Rome?

The biggest cities in the Roman Empire east of Rome in the classical period were Alexandria, Antioch, Smyrna, Ephesus and Pergamon. Constantinople eventually became the biggest city in the east.

Who were the political rulers of the Middle East during Jesus' lifetime?

The Egyptians ruled the middle east. Rome I believe was at war with them, as to expand their territory and control over the middle east. The eagle seems to always fall eventually. But I believe we will endure as Americans.

Are the Alps by Rome?

The Alps are in the middle of mainland Europe, far north of Rome. the Apennine Mountains run down central Italy and are closer to Rome but still 50~100 miles east of the city.