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Robert Owen used social methods to improve American life. He instated a minimum work age, reduced the number of hours anyone could work, and improved education for all.

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Q: What methods did Robert Owen use to improve American life?
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What lasting impact did Robert Owen have on American society?

notting the name arvin was the impact it was made through his journey of life

When was Owen Tudor Hedges House created?

Owen Tudor Hedges House was created in 1860.

Robert Owen and Charles Fourier were?

Robert Owen (1771-1858) was a British socialist who owned the largest cotton factories in Britain at New Lanark, Scotland. He believed workers should have good housing and he built a school for children to attend until they reached age 9. Owen was an atheist who did not allow Bible readings in school and believed that that was what Church was for. When his workers asked him to build a Church he said yes. Owen also reduced the normal work day of 17 hours down to only 10 hours. Chales Fourier (1772-1837) was a French salesperson and Utopoan economic philosopher who answered the bordem of industrial capitolism with 1670 people to live in small communities called phalanxes . The most successful phalanxe was located in Red Bank, NJ for 11 years (1843-1854). Marriage was not allowed in phanlanxes and there was a free love system. Female equality was a major thing as well as sexual freedom. Also, in the phalanxes, jobs were switched 3 times a day.

Who came up with the young plan?

It was presented by the committee headed (1929-30) by Owen D. Young.

What is the history of the Dilly Bar?

The first Dilly Bar was made by the owner of a privately owned Diary Queen location in Leadington, Missouri in 1953. His name is Owen Sloan. He sold the idea to Diary Queen for $500 in 1955. Owen is currently 82 years old and in good health.

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Robert Owen

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When was Robert Owen - theologian - born?

Robert Owen - theologian - was born in 1820.

When was Robert Owen alive?

Robert Owen lived from 1771 to 1858

Where was Robert Owen born?

Robert Owen was born in Newtown, Montgomeryshire, Wales.

When was Robert Owen Page born?

Robert Owen Page was born in 1897.

When did Robert Owen Page die?

Robert Owen Page died in 1957.

When was Robert Dale Owen born?

Robert Dale Owen was born in 1801.

When did Robert Dale Owen die?

Robert Dale Owen died in 1877.

When did Robert Owen - theologian - die?

Robert Owen - theologian - died in 1902.

What has the author Robert Owen Hughes written?

Robert Owen Hughes has written: 'Capelulo'

Was Robert Owen a Quaker?

No, Robert Owen was not a Quaker, he believed and practiced "Spiritualism" and was a socialist.