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-They would try to create a monopoly by trying to buy out their competiters.

-or have a holding company that did nothing but buy out stock of other companies.

-or try to go around having a monopoly by having other companies buy stock but still have main control, this was called a Trust.

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Q: What methods did ruthless business operators use to eliminate their competition?
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Who where the 3 most ruthless people in history?

Vlad the Impaler, Caligula, and Josef Stalin.Vlad the Impaler-killed so many of his own countrymen in RomaniaCaligula-cruel Roman emperor who took pleasure in watching tortureJosef Stalin-so ruthless he didn't care about his family

How was Rockefeller able to become to successful in the oil business?

First, he secured the transportation of oil by buying train slots at discounted prices from railroad companies. This was done because he had good relationships with the railroad stakeholders. By securing the transports, he was able to buy out many small oil producers at decent prices. Some of the purchases made, if taken into today's business practice, may be viewed as hostile takeovers. By controlling the transport prices, he had leverage to negotiate buy outs of many small oil producing companies in the areas where railroads were built. This is exactly the propositions that were offered by Rockefeller to the railroads investors to encourage them to build more and more railroads systems. The longer the railroads were built, the more oils they may transport, and overtime, more oil companies to acquire. This business model perhaps is the first legal, and systematic monopoly. Although some may view Rockefeller as cold, ruthless businessmen, however, his contributions in supply-chains management, capitalism efficiency, and strategic business decisions helped sparked a major economic revival in the US, laying the foundations of modern business management used throughout the world today.

What Henry VIII charactristics?

Characteristics of King Henry VIII include that he was very egotistical. He was said to be unpredictable, ruthless, and well educated in politics.

What is sepulveda impression of the new world?

conquerors sent over from Iberian peninsula during 16th and 17th centuries to get gold, glory, and spread God; ruthless didn't bring women and families; would have intercourse with Indians therefore mestizos; easily conquered Indians bc military technology, non-unified indians, and disease; establish encomiendas

What was the yezhovschina?

I'm not sure if this will be answered 100% correctly, but it's what I'm studying at the moment hehe, so we'll give it a go. Ok, the Yezhovschina was more or less a reign of terror of Nikolai Ivanovich Yehzov, who was a senior figure of the NKVD during Stalin's Great Purges. He was responsible for the deaths of around half the Soviet political and military establishment and was completely ruthless.

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What methods did ruthless business operatorues ues to eliminate their competition?

Ruthless business people would lower their prices to put their competition out of business. Once their competition was gone, they would raise their prices.

What methods did ruthless business operators use to elimenate their competition?

They would try to create a monopoly by trying to buy out their competiters

Who wrote about ruthless business tactics of john D Rockefeller?

Ida Tarbell

In the late 1800s supporters of monopolies believed that monopolies added to the general economic prosperity What did the critics of monopolies say?

I'm pretty sure that its b: In there pursuit of profit, ruthless business leaders destroyed competition and were free to set prices at any level.

Was Roosevelt a social Darwinist?

Social Darwinism is the political theory that believes that competition and struggle improves the economic realm by allowing unrestrained and ruthless competition. Roosevelt was a Darwinist when it came to internal affairs. He firmly believed that there was constant competition between America and the other countries.

What part of speech is ruthless?

Ruthless is an adjective.

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Macbeth kills the wife and children of Macduff as part of his ruthless pursuit to secure power and eliminate any threats to his rule.

Is it correct if it more ruthless?

Yes, the term 'more ruthless' is the comparative form of the adjective 'ruthless'. The superlative form is 'most ruthless'.

Why was John D rockafeller called rober barrens?

John D. Rockefeller was referred to as a "robber baron" due to his business practices that were seen as ruthless and exploitative. He gained control of the oil industry by employing tactics such as consolidation, aggressive competition, and price manipulation, which allowed him to amass significant wealth and power at the expense of others. This term reflects the negative perception of his business tactics during the Gilded Age.

How can you use the word exterminate in a sentence?

To exterminate is to kill off completely. Here are some sentences.Please exterminate these cockroaches!A ruthless soldier will exterminate all of his enemies with no pity.She will exterminate the competition.

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