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He named it.

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Q: What might have happened after he identified the new land he explored?
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Why did francisco Pizarro explored?

Pizarro explored for gold and land and conquered and colonized Peru.

What land was explored by christopher Columbus?

he explored America but thought he found the Indies

Is there any un explored land?

yes, there probably is, and one day it will be explored.

Who explored Virginia and why did they explored?

because the king of england wanted more land and power

Who claimed land explored by Henry Hudson?

he did

Which nation had explored the greatest amount of land in the new world by 1600?

Spain explored and claimed the largest amount of land in the New World by 1600.

Why Spain explored the new world?

Spain explored the New world to search and find gold. It was also explored for the sake of claiming more land.

Where did narvaez land when he explored the southwest?

you have that worksheet too?

What land did christopher Newport explore?

He explored jamestown

Who did Pizarro explore for?

he explored for his home land of Spain.

Why can't they explore the unexplored land?

If unexplored land was explored then it would no longer be unexplored land, and that is why it is impossible to explore unexplored land.

What was the name of the land that Lewis and clark explored?

Louisiana Purchase