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Q: What name did Cortes and his men give to the territory they conquered?
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What was the name of the European country that conquered the Aztecs and incas?


The name of the territory claimed for Louis xiv of France by sieur de la salle?

The name of the territory claimed for Louis XIV of France by Sieur de La Salle was Louisiana. The territory was centered around the Mississippi River.

France was known by what name in ancient times?

France was called Gallia, which meant Gaul, because it was inhabited by the Gauls. Gallia also included Belgium ad Luxembourg. The First part which was conquered by the Romans was southern France, which they originally called Gallia Transalpina (Gaul the other side of the Alps) to distinguish it from Gallia Cisalpina, which was the part of northern Italy which was also inhabited by Gauls. When it was turned into a Roman province it was also called Gallia Narbonensis, after its provincial capital, Narbo (Narbonne). The Julius Caesar conquered the rest of Gaul and joined Gallia Cisalpina to Italy. The Transalpina and Cisalpina distinction became redundant. Gaul was divided into four provinces: Gallia Narbonenisis, Gallia Aquitania (south-western France), Gallia Lugdunensis (central France,and part of northern France) and Gallia Belgica (Belgium and part of northern France).

The name of the French Emperor who acquired control of most of Europe?

napolen conquered nearly of Europe

When did the Northern Territory become a colony of Australia?

The Northern Territory was never a colony of Australia. The Northern Territory was founded under the name of "Northern Territory" in 1911, which is when it was separated from South Australia and transferred to Commonwealth control. From 1825 to 1863, the Northern Territory was part of New South Wales, and from 1863 to 1911 it was part of South Australia, at neither time being a separate territory or colony - though there was the outpost of Port Essington on the northern coast. On 1 January 1911, the Northern Territory was removed from South Australia's rule and transferred to Commonwealth control.

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What name did Cortes and his men give to the territory they had conquered?

They Say it was Mexico.:3

What is the Aztec rulers name that helped conquered hernan Cortes?

That's easy. They never conquered him. He conquered them.

What was the name of the Aztec ruler conquered by Hernan Cortes'?


What was the name of the leader in Mexico who arrivedin 1519?

He was a Spanish conquistador, who conquered Mexico. His name was Hernan Cortes.

Name the spanish coquistador who conquered Mexico?

explorers was a Spaniard responsible for conquering much of Mexico?

What name did Cortes give to the city he plundered and rebuild?

Cortés gave the city of Tenochtitlán the name Mexico City after he conquered it in 1521. The city was rebuilt on the ruins of the Aztec capital and became the capital of New Spain.

Name of the present day country located where Cortes conquered the Aztec?

When Hernan Cortes landed on the east coast of present-day Mexico 1519,he was looking for gold and glory.

What is Hornando Cortes name?

Hernando Cortes name is Hernando Cortes.

What was Romania call before the Romans named it romaina?

1. The old name was Dacia.2. The Romans did not use the name Romania for the conquered territory.

Why was Antonio de Mendoza envy of Hernan Cortes?

Hernan Cortes conquered the Aztec civilization in the name of the Spanish crown, and he was given some lands south of Mexico City. Antonio de Mendoza, on the other hand, was appointed as viceroy of the New Spain (as was Mexico known at the time).

What is the birth name of Gaby Cortes?

Gaby Cortes's birth name is Gabriela Andrena Corts.

What is the name of the natives Cortes destroyed?

Hernando Cortes destroyed the Aztecs.