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For one, she was a woman. Gender itself posed an issue to the 1818-1889 society. I don't have any other facts right now...sorry.

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Q: What obstacles did Maria Mitchell face?
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Did maria mitchell have a boyfriend?

It is not known if Maria Mitchell has a boyfriend. Maria Mitchell is an astronomer most known for discovering the comet, Miss Mitchell's Comet.

Does maria mitchell has children?

no, maria Mitchell never had children

What was Maria Mitchell's full name?

Maria Mitchell's middle name was Salmon. (Maria Salmon Mitchell). See Related Link.

Where did maria mitchell attend college?

where did Maria Mitchell attend college

What is Maria Mitchell's birthday?

Maria Mitchell was born on August 1, 1818.

What kind of comet did Maria Mitchell discover?

Maria Mitchell discovered a telescopic comet

When did Maria Mitchell die?

Maria Mitchell died on June 28, 1889 at the age of 70.

What is maria mitchell's moms name?

Lydia Mitchell

What is maria mitchell's dads name?

William Mitchell

Why is maria mitchell famous?

Maria Mitchell was famous for her work as an astronomer. She discovered a comet in 1847 which is named after her.

What job did maria mitchell do?

Maria Mitchell (August 1, 1818 - June 28, 1889) was an American Astronomer.

Who is maria mitchell?

Maria Mitchell was an American and the world's first professional female astronomer. In 1947 with the use of a telescope she discovered a comet that came to be known as Miss Mitchell's Comet.