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Q: What obstacles prevented europeans from sailing to Asia?
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Why were Europeans so determined to get to Asia after the Middle Ages?

Asia had a lot goods that were wanted by Europeans. Silks, perfumes, spices, gunpowder, and other things goods were in demand.The new technology in sailing and navigation added to the ability to seek new ways to Asia.

What led to the regular sailing of the ships from Europe to Asia?

Treade led to the regular sailing of the ships from Europe to Asia

Why didn't the europeans just go by land?

Usually it was because the main trade hub was in Asia and Europeans couldn't get there because of the naturally border dividing mountain range. Thus, people that wanted to trade with Asia needed to sail. this then caused people to believe sailing was more productive than walking.

Who were the first europeans to discover a sea route to Asia?

I believe it was Portugal, specifically Vasco da Gama.

What trading goods from Asia were europeans most interrested in?

Europeans were most intrested in spices from Asia.

Did Columbus want to reach Asia by sailing west or reach Asia by sailing east or discover America or prove that the earth is round?

Columbus, and all educated Europeans of his time, already knew that the Earth was round. That required no voyage for proof. The trade routes to Asia via the east were controlled by the Turks (via land) and the Portuguese (for the sea route, so Columbus proposed sailing west to reach Asia. His problem was that his estimate of the size of the Earth was incorrect, so when he reached land in the Caribbean, and later on the American continent, he knew how far he had sailed and thought he had reached Asia.

How does the Suez canal help ships sailing from southwest Asia to Europe?

By shortening the sailing time from Europe to Asia, ships do not have to sail round Africa.

In what ways did Europeans owe some of their sailing technology to other peoples?

They used the astrolabe, which was perfected by the Muslims. They also used the compass, which was invented by the Chinese.

Which of these is a true statementChristopher Columbus was convinced that he could reach Africa by sailing east?

Christopher Columbus was convinced that he could reach Asia by sailing west.

What were the advantages and the disadvantage of sailing west from Europe to Asia?

The advantages was Portuguese ships began making expedition in search of a sea route to Asia. The disadvantages of sailing west from Europe to Asia is they had no maps that showed the world correctly.

How was Asia viewed by the europeans?

with their eyes

What is true about the scramble for Asia?

in the "scramble" for Asia, Europeans had to deal with Japan.