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This depends on who the country is and what Canada wants out of the relationship.

Up until the mid-twentieth century Britain was important due to English Canada having been several Crown colonies and most of its population being if British descent. The closeness and positive nature of the relationship led to its early entrance into both world wars.

Of eternal concern to Canada is its relationship with the United States with whom it has strong historical and commercial ties. Its foreign policy with Washington often reflects its mixed feelings about the U.S.: wanting desperately to be noticed but resenting the U.S.'s propensity to act in its self-interest and play hardball when it does notice Canada over issues such as border security.

Increasingly, Canada can be expected to focus its foreign policy away from the US as the US declines in power and globalization focuses its national interest elsewhere. China is currently of looming importance because of growing trade in raw resources from Canada, which means Canada wishes to have the most optimal relationship in order to serve its interests.

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its part of the common wealth with India and New Zealand and all other previously british occupied countries

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Q: What other connections does Canada have with other countries besides trade?
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