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Most African slaves came from various parts of West Africa, as did Guyanese slaves. Most slaves from the West Indies came from the Congo, Ghana, or Senegal.

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Q: What part of Africa did guyanese slaves come from?
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What part of Africa and year did the slaves come from?

They came West Africa .

Which part of Africa did barbados slaves come from?

it is generaly believed that the slaves in Barbados came from Ghana

What part of Africa did the slaves who settled in Trinidad come from?

Villages such as Belmont, Arouca, and Laventille were formed.

What part of Africa did Trinidad slaves come from?

Trinidadian slaves came from Africa (mostly West Africa) and India (many were from the Madras area), with a much smaller amount coming from Cantonese-speaking areas of China.

What part of Africa did slaves come from?

The slaves in the Americas (including the Carribean) came overwhelmingly from West Africa, from the areas that are now Mali, Mauretania, Senegal, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ghana, for example.

What part of Africa were slaves mostly captured?

West Africa

Is rihanna guyanese?

She is part Guyanese on her mother's side, but she was born in the Barbados.

What part of America did slaves come from?


In what part of Africa do Haitians come from?

i think they come from west Africa but i don't know what country in west Africa.

Why were the slaves traded from Africa?

Africa mainly traded with Europe in exchange for machinery, Africa were trading 80,000 slaves per year. Also more and more countries trading with Europe and then they would raid other countries for slaves. Slavery played a big part in Africa because Africa wanted more guns and machinery.

What is the first part of the journey in the trade?

the first part of the journey is to Africa with cheap British goods to trade for slaves

Were in Africa did the Spanish get the slaves to bring to Haiti?

From Nigeria and the Ghanean coast for the most part