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Q: What path did the British take into India?
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When did the British take over India?

The British took over in 1747.

Why did England want to take over India?

They had plans to do it previous to their revolts with the British as they already had trade and involvement. India was the biggest trade hub in the world and had many resources so of course the British wanted to take over India.

Why did the British take over India?

Before the British took over, India was known as the Golden Bird. India was the richest country in the world having unimaginable grandeur which led to greed in the British eyes. They took advantage of India, divided into many empires and manipulated India's state into there favour.

How powerful were the British to take over India as master?

very powerful

What did Gandhi do for India?

he pretty much led India to Independence. Gandhi also helped India by not letting the British take over the Indians.

After what rebellion did the british government take over political control of India?


Who controlled the government of India for almost 100 years?

the British East India Company

How did the British take over India?

they took over India because they knew the Indians were having civil war in there own country so the british took this as a advantage. I hope this helps you.=]

How did the east Indian company take over India?

because of the help of the british government

Why British government take over of India 19th century?

becasue the british government wnated the power of controling more places

When did globalization came to India?

After the formation of the British East India Company and the arrival of the British in India

How was the British empire defeated by India?

They weren't, the British empire attacked India and the British won.