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The Third Estate was comprised of 96% of the French population. Of that, 90% included 22 million peasants, laborers and artisans.

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Yes. Everybody who wasn't noble or ordained priest was a member of the third estate.

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Q: What percentage of the third estate were peasants?
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Who was part of the third estate?

The third estate consisted of the commoners/peasants.

The poorest members of the Third Estate were?

the peasants.

What was the third state was compromised of peasants and his wealthy merchant class revolutionary France?

The peasants/common people were in the Third Estate. The wealthy merchant class was also in the Third Estate. The Second Estate were the nobility. The First Estate was the church/clergy.

What did the nobles call peasants in France?

Peasents where the third Estate.

Who was the leading class of the third estate in France?

The third estate was constituted by small peasants ,lanless labour ,servants.......Cheers

Did the third estate demand that a fourth be added to give a voice to the peasants?


What estate in french revolution does a pig farmer belong to?

The third estate. The first estate was made up of the clergy, the second estate was made up of the nobles and the peasants made up the third estate.

The largest social group included in the third estate was?

About 80% of the Third Estate were classed as illiterate peasants living at or below the poverty line.

Were peasants the largest group in the first estate?

The first estate consisted of the members of clergy. The second estate was made of the nobility classes, and the third estate was what contained the peasants, Parisians (or urban workers), and the bourgeoisie who were the upper middle class and were the richest of this estate.

What percentage did the peasants make up to in the French Revolution?

The Catholic Church received a 10% tax on all members of the Third Estate above and beyond what they paid to France.

Who paid the taxes in France and to whom?

People of the third estate i.e. peasants , servants etc paid the tax to the king. -Tanmana

Did the Clergy own land but hold little real power?

no, the third estate owned land but had very little power. The third estate are peasants and works.