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how did men live in the period where history is not yet written

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Q: What period in history where there were no written records?
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What do scholars call the period for which you have written records?


What signifies the period known as history?

There are written records.

What separates prehistory form history?

Prehistory refers to the time period before the invention of writing, while history is the time period after the development of written records. Prehistory is typically studied through archaeological and scientific methods, while history relies on written records as primary sources of information.

What is a period of written history?

The period between 1908 and 1910 is a period of written history.

When is the Ancient World said to begin?

Ancient history refers to the period from the first written records - around 3600 BCE

How much would one hundred pounds be in 1827?

According to the written records that survive from that period in our history, it would have been 1,600 ounces.

The period before written records?


Oral or written records of the past?


Period before written records?

The period before written records is generally referred to as prehistory. This period encompasses the time before written language was developed, making it difficult to study and understand early human societies and cultures through written sources. Archaeology and anthropology play key roles in piecing together the history of this period through physical evidence and artifacts.

What is the time before history was written called?

The time before history was written is called prehistory. It refers to the period before written records were kept and includes the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age. Archaeology and other scientific methods are used to study prehistoric societies.

Why do you get a lot of written records for medieval period?

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Why do you get a lot of written records for the medieval period?

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