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This time, largely associated with a shift towards common education in the humanities, is most commonly known as the Renaissance Era.

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Q: What periord in history was marked by great interest in learning?
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Period in history marked by great interest in learning?


What is the age of great change marked by renewed interest in classical learning and the arts?

The Renaissance is the age of great change marked by renewed interest in classical learning and the arts.

When was the renaissance born?

The Renaissance is generally considered to have begun in the 14th century in Italy, particularly in Florence. It was a period marked by a renewed interest in art, literature, and learning, and it is often seen as a bridge between the Middle Ages and modern history.

Where is the In what geographic area did the Renaissance begin?

The Renaissance began in Italy, particularly in the city-states of Florence, Milan, and Venice, during the 14th century. This period marked a revival of interest in art, literature, and learning after the stagnation of the Middle Ages.

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Why was the renaissance called rebirth of learning?

The Renaissance was called the "rebirth of learning" because it marked a period in which there was a revival of interest in classical learning, arts, and culture. During this time, there was a renewed focus on humanism, curiosity, and innovation, which led to advancements in various fields such as art, science, and philosophy. This emphasis on education and knowledge sought to reawaken the intellectual achievements of ancient civilizations like Greece and Rome.

The year 1776 is an important date in U.S. history because it marked the?

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What was the renissence?

The Renaissance was a period in European history marked by an educational high point. Many conditions joint to flicker the Renaissance, and this period in history was marked by huge changes for people living in Europe. The term is also used commonly to talk about a sudden explosion in the arts and culture. It is believed that the Renaissance arose in 14th century Italy, as Europe was slowly rising from the Middle Ages. Different historians have unique takes on what, exactly, brought about the Renaissance, but they generally agree that it was a recovery of Classical learning and the arts.

What is the European renaissance marked by?

The European Renaissance was marked by a renewed interest in science, commerce , philosophy, and the arts.

What is the first part of the middle ages as marked by a decline of art and learning?

Dark Ages