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Australia has the usual cats, dogs, mice, horses, guinea-pigs and a variety of pet birds and fish. In some states, rabbits are allowed as pets, but not in all states. Ferrets are also allowed in Tasmania.

Australians are not permitted to have native animals as pets, except if they have special carers' licences.

There are no hamsters in Australia.

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Q: What pets do they have in Australia?
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Why were goldfish introduced to Australia?

They were brought to Australia as pets.

How many pets can you own in Australia?

a maximin of 4 pets

What percentage of households own pets in Australia?

Australia has the highest percentage of pet ownership in the world - 66% of households have pets.

Does pets at home ship to Australia?


Are Crows Legal As Pets In Australia?

no no

Are Gerbils Legal In Australia?

Gerbils are not permitted to be kept as pets in Australia.

Are there axolotls in Australia?

Axolotls are not native to Australia. However, they have been imported as pets.

In which country are goldfish common pets?

in australia

Can you bring your pet monkey from south Africa to Australia?

No. Monkeys are not permitted as pets in Australia.

Are ferrets legal in Queensland Australia?

Ferrets are not permitted to be kept as pets in Queensland, Australia.

Can you get gogo pets from target in Australia?

yes i think

Do you pay GST on pets?

No you don't. At least not in Australia.