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Anna Bligh's political party is Australian Labour Party.

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Q: What political party is Anna Bligh?
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Which political party does Anna Bligh belong to?

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh is of the Australian Labor Party (ALP).

Who was the Queensland premier before Anna Bligh?

The Queensland premier who preceded Anna Bligh was Peter Beattie who, like Ms Bligh, represented the Australian Labor Party.

What Electorate is Anna Bligh in?

Anna Bligh's electorate is South Brisbane.

Are Anna Kavanaugh and Anna Bligh the same person?

No, Anna Kavanaugh and Anna Bligh are not the same person.

What year was Anna bligh born in?

Greg Withers. They have two sons named Joe and Oliver.

When was Anna Bligh born?

Anna Bligh was born on July 14, 1960.

What is Anna Bligh's birthday?

Anna Bligh was born on July 14, 1960.

How old is Anna Bligh?

Anna Bligh is 56 years old (birthdate: July 14, 1960).

How long has Anna Bligh been in Queensland Parliament?

Anna Bligh was first elected to the Queensland Parliament in 1995.

Is Anna bligh gay?

No, she is bisexual.

How is Anna bligh descended from William bligh?

William Bligh had six daughter. Elizabeth Bligh was born on 24 March 1786 at London, England. She was the daughter of Vice-Admiral William Bligh and Elizabeth Betham. She was baptised on 5 May 1786 at St. George's in the East, London. She married Richard Bligh (not a close relation) in December 1817. Anna Bligh's descent is from this couple. She is a direct descendant of William Bligh, in the paternal line to Elizabeth Bligh, the Vice-Admiral's daughter. She inherits the Bligh surname from Richard Bligh.

What is Anna Blighs middle name?

Anna blighs middle name is Anna maria bligh