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The construction of the Mary Rose began in 1509 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.

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She was intended to be the flagship warship of Britain's Royal Navy, mainly with a view to combating the naval might of France and Spain.

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Q: What purpose was the Mary rose built?
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What was the Mary rose built with?

the Mary rose was made primarily oak

When was the Mary Rose built?

Built between 1509 and 1511.

Mary rose built?

The Mary Rose was built in 1509 - 1511 it took two years to build. x xBy Ffion and Courtney

Who built Mary rose?

Henry VIII

What country was the Mary rose made in?

The Mary Rose, Flagship of Henry VIII, was built in Portsmouth, England

Who bulit the Mary rose?

The Mary Rose was built during the reign of king HenryVIII and named for Henry's sister.

Why was the Mary rose important?

The Mary Rose is important because it was one of the main and biggest Tudor warship which held the most crew, weapons and equipment.

Who built the Mary Rose?

i want to basically know the name of the deep sea diver who found any remains of the Mary rose

What was the life of Mary rose?

Mary rose was one of the first ships and she was the firm favourite of king Henry VIII.The mary rose ship was built between 1509 and 1511 and aftera long time she sank accidently during the french fleet in 1545.Henry VIIIs flagship mary rose sank by the french cannonball .

Who rose Mary-Rose?

Mary rose museam

What is Mary rose in Japanese?

mary rose

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