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Q: What race of people have the most destructive history?
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How were countries from Europe able to dominate the colonial history?

Europeans were the most modernized, powerful, and wealthy of any people. They had the most destructive weapons: guns. When they showed up in the Americas or Africa, where these people have never even seen guns, they usually dominated without a fight. However, once the Europeans started trading their weapons with these indigenous people, revolts started growing. Europeans also had this idea of Social Darwinism, in which they believed Europeans were the superior race.

Which race is most dominat?

The race with the most people is Asian. Most dominant is a subjective term and can only be answered by an opinion. It is my personal opinion that in another century or two the most people will be mixed race and the most dominent.

Why do we study Asian history?

Because most of the human race lives in Asia and not studying it would leave us in ignorance of most people's history. And it's going to become a whole lot more important in the 21st century.

Prominent race of people who live in England?

The most prominent race of people in England are the English.

What would the world be like if there was no people on it?

Better. Because humans are an oppressive and destructive race that destroy everything on our planet to support our own glutenous lives.

What race of people died in Auschwitz?

The race which suffered the most victims was the Slavs.

How were the theory of deterrence and the arms race related?

The thinking is if the race to gather destructive weapons was deterred then the arms race would be secondary and nations would stop.

What race of people has the most tattoos?


Which race has the most obese people?


What race of people is the most races?


What is the most fertile race?

Black people.

What race has the most kids in America?

White people and Spanish people