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The main requirement needed to be in the Gestapo was being a non-Jewish German. You also needed to believe in the Gestapo and agree with that way of thinking to join the Gestapo.

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Q: What requirements were needed to be a gestapo?
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What was the role of the gestapo during world war 2?

Basically, the Gestapo's (the green Police) role was to question the movements of the citizens in Germany. THey kept everyone under suspicion. If citizens did not respond to them, torture was used. The Gestapo had the right to iterogate citizens at any given time. Night or day. It didnt matter to them. They were highly fearded, and were not to be tolied with. The were Germanys top Police force. They had no limitations, and had no consequence to there actions.

What happened when they got caught in the resistance movement in world war 2?

Probably, the Gestapo would first torture you to gain information, then would either kill you, or send you to a concentration camp.

Which of the following are true when forming priority intelligence requirements?

Intelligence dissemination requirements and procedures must be coordinated through the __________. (Fundamentals of Military Intelligence in Joint Operations, page 40 of 57)

What was the SS during World War 1 and World War 2?

The SS did not exist in WW1. The SS arose out of the SA. Hitler killed the leader of the SA and got rid of the SA overnight (The Night of the Knives) and created his own police which guarded him and policed the regime - hence the Gestapo.

What was Terezin used for during World War II?

Terezin once served as a military fortress. During World War II, however, Terezin was adapted by the Gestapo and transformed into a concentration camp and a ghetto for Jewish families. Over 30,000 people died in the Terezin concentration camp, even though it was not an extermination camp.