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Thomas Searles was played by Andre Braugher.

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Q: What role did Corporal Thomas Searles play in the movie Glory?
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How does thomas searles change in glory?

He grows up and learned what was happening to him after he was shot. And also not in the movie was granted the rank corporal.

What role did Andre braugher play in the movie glory?

Cpl. Thomas Searles.

Does Thomas Searles die in the movie glory?

Yes, he does. He gets stabbed in the back when attempting to shoot at one of the soldiers that was trying to kill one of his men (another member in the 54th regiment). I think that he gets stabbed but is rescued by some of the slaves and freedmen in South Carolina after the battle. He goes on to marry the young woman who nurses him back to health but never returns to his home up North. He is responsible for a lot of the people named "Thomas Searles" whose roots flow from South Carolina and exist even today.

What did john rawlins do in glory the movie?

stuff just watch the movie glory, and you will find out what John Rawlins did in the movie glory.

How did the six characters in the movie glory change in the course of the movie?

how did the characters change in the movie glory over the course of the movie

Who is the director in the movie Glory?

Edward Zwick directed the movie Glory, released in 1989.

How old is Robert Shaw at the beginning of the movie Glory?

Robert Shaw was 23 at the beginnig of the movie "Glory".

In the movie Glory what is the meaning of the title GLORY?

I believed of the trully oppressed. The Glory of God, was shown

Is Blades of Glory a movie or television show?

It is a movie - Gingerbread2480

Who starred in the movie 'Pride and Glory'?

Colin Farrell starred in the movie 'Pride and Glory' along with actor Edward Norton. 'Pride and Glory' was directed by Gavin O'Connor and released in 2008.

Where can you buy glory glory on DVD?

please tell me were can i buy glory the movie plz plz im dying to seit

Is the movie Glory rated R?

Glory (1989) is rated R for violence and profanity.