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TheJacobins were a "club" of politicians with particular opinions about the idea of sole rule by a king (Louis XV!) at the time, as things were; at first they sought a Republican Monarchy. The King at first pretended to accept this change in his status but privately and secretly was adamantly opposed to it, along with his wife, Marie Antoinette, who was in fact the daughter of the Austrian empress and whose role was to obey her mother in influencing Louis to favor Austria in particular political maneuvers of its queen, such as chewing off a piece of Poland to add to the Austrian empire.

Briefly, public opinion turned bitterly against Louis after he tried with his family to escape Paris, heading for the eastern border with, perhaps, intentions to rally neighboring royal nations to invade France and restore to crown with all its power; the Jacobins, led By Robespierre. tried to keep the general French fury in check but could not after the King was pursued and captured before he reached an eastern French border into, for example. the Netherlands.

Eventually, afraid that Louis and Marie would be the focus for an invasion to save them and the French crown, both were beheaded during a period of the revolution know as "The Terror." Ultimately, even Robespierre himself was beheaded by the revolutionary forces.

By the way, the Jacobins were only one of many political clubs, usually named for the cafes in which they met. Another, more moderate club (or faction) was the well known Girondins. which included Danton, who was also beheaded, before Robespierre.

The method of beheading was generally the guillotine, invented, by the way by a Doctor Guillotine as a merciful way of death.

well the reason for which robespierre was beheaded was his strictness.He was very strict for the rules.

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Q: What role did Jacobins play in making France a republic?
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