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Lower class, and poor women in France joined in the demonstrations against the tyranny of the French monarchy. The poor were usually the more conservative of the Revolution. For example, poor women of Paris demonstrated for bread instead of equal rights. Poor rural women demonstrated against the Revolution's exclusion of religion, because so much of their ritual and personal expression was associated with the church.

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As soliders to help in the revolution and producers for weapons, ammo, gunpowder, and unforms.

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Historically it proved that it was a grass roots revolution and not a devious plot put in place by the National Assembly to gain power.

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Q: What role did the poor women of Paris play in the revolution?
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What role did the estates general play in triggering the french revolution?

The society was classified into 3 estates. 1st and 2nd estates were rich . 2nd estate people were loyal to King. the 3rd estate contained the poor like Merchants, cobbler's etc.,

What was the cause of the Xinhai Revolution?

The cause of the Xinhai revolution was that the political minds of China were not satisfied with the progress of the country because China had one of the largest populations, yet the country was considered poor and weak.

What was the transportation during french revolution?

Wooden Carriages that were drawn on foot for the poor, and for the rich there were metal carriages drawn by 2 horses.

What was Jean-Jacques Rousseau's significance in history?

He criticized the inequality in society that was justified by 'natural law' (some people are born low class and other to rule). His ideas were the fundamental ideology behind the French Revolution, and they justified the rebel of the poor during the revolution.

How did Louis xvi's qualities as a leader led to the french revolution?

Louis XVI had very poor qualities as a leader. He neglected his country over his obsession with defeating England in the American Revolution and he had sent enough money over to America to feed and house his people for an entire year. He also heavily taxed the poor who had no money and left the nobility and the priests untaxed and wanting more money. This eventually caused the people to say we have had enough and we do not want to take it anymore.

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What happening on July 14 Bastille day?

The Bastille (large prison in Paris) was stormed by the poor and starving population of France, this was the beginning of the French revolution.

What was it like for Women in the American Revolution?

they were very poor they cleaned their home and did most of the work in the family home

What happened on July Bastille day?

The Bastille (large prison in Paris) was stormed by the poor and starving population of France, this was the beginning of the French revolution.

Is Paris a rich or a poor country and why?

Paris is a city

What was the educational status for women at the time of the American revolution?

the education for women were poor, especially at the time of the revolutionary war. because women back then were not considered equal to men and were offered limited edumacation

Which of the following describes an experience wealthy and poor women shared during the Industrial Revolution?

Economic and social customs limited opportunities for all women to live independently.

What argument made by some women suffragists was the women cared more than men cared about?

Helping poor women and children.

What are the release dates for How Poor Babies Are Reared in Paris - 1911?

How Poor Babies Are Reared in Paris - 1911 was released on: USA: 11 September 1911

How did the industrial revolution affect the poor in the 1800?

Lives of the poor didn't improve.

What part did the poor class play in the French Revolution?

They killed people and ate stuff so they all died, so france does no longer exist. Your Face.

Industrial Revolution bad?

The bad thing about the industrial revolution was that the rich took advantage of the poor

What is the reason of Antoine Lavoisier's death?

Lavoisier was a noble who took taxes from poor people. (he might collected it for the money to support his experiment) so when the french revolution occoured, Lavoisier was captured and killed.