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your mom was thier your mum

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s uck yuor mum

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Q: What role did the sorcerer-priests play in the development of Chinese music?
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Who was the first person to play Chinese music?

It is impossible to say who was the first person to play Chinese, or any other, music.

What do Chinese people like to do in China?

many people like to play games or video games, fly kites, listen to music and play outside.

What does the Gymboree Play and Music foundation contribute to?

The Gymboree Play and Music foundation contributes to helping young children play and learn together in a safe and fun environment. The foundation is run by experts in child development and there are Gymborees located worldwide.

How do you create a business development for a radio station?

Create a radio station then then play some music and interw with someone

What did juke boxes do?

Kids are always like to play with the Juke boxes. It will produce music's this is helpful for their brain development.

What are the main instruments that play Chinese music?

Traditional Chinese music mainly features instruments such as the "guqin" (a seven-stringed zither) or a "guzheng" ( a 16-stringed similar instrument), a "pipa" (a four or five stringed lute), a flute (usually bamboo), a recorder, a gong, drums, and cymbals. However, since Chinese music ranges greatly, there are dozens of other instruments that could fit into this category as well, including an entirely different set of instruments for modern Chinese music.

How great thou art sheet music?

Sheet music is a tool in learning how to play any instrument. It is pertinent to the development of musical talent, and without it, much of the art would be lost.

Do Chinese dwarf hamsters like music?

I'm pretty sure they do. My hamster listens she doesn't run and hide and when she sleeps it doesn't bother her so I think they like music. But I play classic, and if anything else I go for mellowed out music.

What did the Anasazi's play for music?

to play music for them is peaceful

What music can I play to encourage the love of music?

There are many professionals that study child development who agree music is important to young children, and suggest classical music is a good place to start. The Baby Einstein music series are a great way to introduce classical music, and they're available online and at a variety of regular stores.

What games did Chinese kids play?

Chinese checkers

What games did the Chinese play back then?

Chinese checkers