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Traditional (pre Christian & pre Islam) animistic religion in West Africa places strong emphasis on ancestor worship. In Nigeria, for example, the traditional religion is called "juju." Juju beliefs and practices are at the root of voudoun/voodoo in the New World. People who practice juju believe the world is infused with the spirits of the dead, including dead family members. Just as with living people, this spirit/ghost world is populated by both good and evil spirits who must be appeased if one is to live a fortunate life. For example, in Nigeria it is traditional for someone drinking palm wine to pour a few drops of it on the ground before drinking. This ritual honors the spirit of Ile (pronounced EE-lay), the goddess believed to be the creator of all good things in nature. Families may perform similar rituals to honor their dead relatives.

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Families played important roles in West African society. Families tended the farms and developed the land. They were very loyal to one another.

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the role the families played in African society is farming and helping their kids :) they also farted a lot for poge and jure

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Q: What roles did families play in a west African society?
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