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Captain George Vancouver (1757 - 1798) was an officer in the British Royal Navy, best known for his exploration of the North-West Coast of North America, including the shores of the modern day Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. He also explored the southwest coast of Australia.

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George Vancouver gave his name to one of the largest cities in Canada. During his exploration he sailed from England around the top of North America in order to map out much of the northwest.

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Q: What route did george Vancouver sail?
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Which route did George Vancouver take to get to America?

George Vancouver took the route around the southern tip of South America, entering the Pacific Ocean via Cape Horn, on his way to America. This route was known as the Strait of Magellan.

What route did George Vancouver take to reach his destinations?

he went down the pacific ocean

What landmarks did George Vancouver name?

george named vancouver and vancouver island

Did george vancouver have kids?

George Vancouver did not have kids, nor did he get married.

How did Vancouver get named?

William Van Horne named it after Captain George Vancouver, who had explored much of the area.

Why did john Franklin set sail?

He set sail to Find A route from Europe to Asia when you sail Northwest. This route was called the Northwest Passage

Why was Vancouver named Vancouver?

Vancouver was named after After the British Explorer George Vancouver who Discovered Vancouver.

When was George Vancouver born?

George Vancouver was born on June 22, 1757.

What is George Vancouver's birthday?

George Vancouver was born on June 22, 1757.

Who is efforts gave British claims to Oregon?

George Vancouver.

When was Vancouver Furious George created?

Vancouver Furious George was created in 1995.

Who sent George Vancouver on his voyage?

George Vancouver was sent by the British Govmerment.