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Q: What rules did King James 1 make as King of England?
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What were the events that transpired in Boston after news of the Glorious Revolution in England reached the colonists?

When James became king after his brother's death in 1685, he decided to make some drastic changes in both England and America. James wanted very much to rule England without Parliament, the governing body that represented English nobility and landowners. He believed that God had given him the special right to rule as an "absolute monarch," who did not have to include any other government official or group to make laws or rule his people. He was also a Roman Catholic who wanted to change England from a Protestant to a Catholic country.James also thought that the colonies of New England--Massachusetts, Plymouth, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire--were very poorly governed and much too independent of the king's control. So he sent Edmund Andros (pronounced Andrews) to unite the colonies under one royal government.Things did not go well for James in England. During his short 3-year rule, he managed to make nearly everyone angry. Whigs, people who supported the power of Parliament to limit the king, opposed James's ideas of absolute rule. Even Tories, those who usually supported the king's authority, soon agreed that James was going too far, especially in his attempts to make England Catholic. In the autumn of 1688 Whigs and Tories joined together to force James off the throne. They invited his Protestant daughter Mary and her Dutch husband William to rule in James's place.To explain why they believed their revolution was legal, Parliament passed the English Bill of Rights early in 1689. The bill listed many things James II had done which Parliament believed were illegal. It also listed the rights that Englishmen believed they enjoyed under English law. William and Mary accepted the Bill of Rights at the time of their coronation, swearing to uphold these "ancient rights and liberties" of the English people.While James was getting into deeper and deeper trouble in England, Adros was busy making his own enemies in America. He took over the colonial governments of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Plymouth, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York, and combined them all into one big government called the Dominion of New England. He made the colonists pay new taxes, arrested and fined people who opposed him, and allowed residents of towns only one meeting a year to take care of important business.Colonists hated the Dominion. In the summer of 1688, they sent the Puritan minister and president of Harvard College, Increase Mather, to England to protest what Andros was doing. Mather had to sneak on board a ship and hide until the vessel was far away from America. By the time he reached England, the Glorious Revolution was under way there. It was about to happen in Boston, too.

What important battle showed King George III of England that the war with America would be too costly to continue?

News of the defeat of British troops at Saratoga, New York, prompted King George III to attempt to make peace with the colonists. In addition, an impending war with France made it necessary to focus his army and funds on that side of the Atlantic.

When did the king lose the right to make laws?


What does mercenalism mean?

BRITISH policy:colonies should make England rich

What contributions did Anglo Saxon England make to language and culture?


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What king from England authorized the king James bible?

It may seem a bit silly to ask which king authorized the King James Bible, but there are extenuating factors that make it perhaps not as silly as it appears at first.James I of England (he was James VI of Scotland) was the one who did this, as opposed to James II of England (James VII of Scotland).

Who were the first two countries to make up UK?

England and Scotland, they were both ruled by king James I

What right did King Charles you of England claim gave him the power to make the rules and to govern his country?

The 'divine right of kings'.

What rules did King Tutankhamun make once he was king?

king tut did not make any rules at this time an adult was watching him and that guy made the rules but they dont say that mans rules

Did James the first of England make the King James bible?

At the 1604 Hampton Court Conference James 1 was persuaded (by moderate puritans) that a new translation was needed and ordered work to begin.

What was the glorious revolution a response to?

It was a reaction to King James' efforts to make Roman Catholicism once again the dominant religion in England.

When did Scotland come under English control?

Never. The two crowns were united under James I of England, VI of Scotland, by simple inheritance. the scottish king, king James the sixth of Scotland inherited the English throne and became king James the first of and decided to unite England, Scotland and Ireland to make the united kingdom of great Britain in 1707.

What rules did the parliament put in place to make sure that the catholic children of king James the 2nd could not become kings?

The Act of Settlement in 1701 took care of that problem for all future kings. It's still in place. No Catholic can ever rule England.

What changes did James VI make to the theater?

As James VI he was king of Scotland, and the English drama boom was an English phenomenon. As James I, king of England, he was a great patron of drama. In fact the main theatre companies changed from having non-royal patrons to having patrons in the royal family.

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I would be responsible to answer ALL the kingdom's questions correctly if I were a king! The rules would be different if I were a king! If you were a king, the rules would change. If you were a king, the country would prosper.

Did the colony of New York make their own rules or were they loyal to England?


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