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worst website ever get off

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Q: What school did Laura secord go to?
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Where did Laura secord go to school?

Laura Secord famous for chocolate candy did not an attend an official school. Secord married early and took care of her children and home.

What is the motto of Laura Secord Elementary School?

Laura Secord Elementary School's motto is 'I Take Care of Myself, I Take Care of Others, I Take Care of This Place'.

When did Laura secord?

Laura secord died on October 17 1868

What is Laura Secord's birthday?

Laura Secord was born on September 13, 1775.

When was Laura Secord Chocolates created?

Laura Secord Chocolates was created in 1913.

Who was Laura Secord married to?

James Secord

When did Laura secord's mother die?

Laura Secord's mother died when Laura was only eight years old.

When did laura secord marry james secord?


What is Laura secord's husbonds name?

James Secord

When was Laura Secord born?

laura was buried beside her husband and i think in the niagara parks

Was Laura Secord British or American?

Laura Secord was born a British subject and died a Canadian.

How far did Laura secord run?

Laura Secord ran about 20 miles (32 Km)