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Nothing at all. It's all verbiage and tradition.

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Q: What separates the Eastern and Western side of the world?
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Is Costa Rica on the western or the eastern side of the world?


What is the imaginary line that separates the eastern and the western?

The imaginary line that separates the eastern and western hemispheres is called the prime meridian. It runs from the North Pole to the South Pole and is designated at 0 degrees longitude.

The opposite side of the world is called?

The world is divided into Northern and Southern Hemispheres and Eastern and Western Hemispheres. If you are in England then the opposite side of the world is the Southern Hemisphere from one pole to the other or the Eastern Hemisphere from one side of the Earth to the other.

Where did they have World War 1?

The war was fought at the eastern and western front. The Eastern front was fought between Germany and Russia The western front was fought against Germany and the allies on the eastern side of France

Is california eastern or western side of the us?


What are the major mountain ranges in eastern and western US?

On the eastern side- The Appalachian Mountains On the western side- The Rocky Mountains

What is true of the day on the western side of the international date line?

The day on the western side of the international date line is one day ahead of the eastern side. This means that if it is Monday on the western side, it will be Sunday on the eastern side.

What is the stronger side of nba western or eastern?

at this moment the western side of basketball has won 6 titles and the eastern side has won only 4

What are the similarities between the eastern and western empire?

They were both conquered by Barbarians. But the Barbarians completely conquered the western side while they conquered a little bit of the eastern side. The eastern side lasted longer than the western side. They both are parts of ancient Rome.

Are the appalachina mountains in eastern or western United States?

The Appalachian Mountains are in the eastern United States Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and North Carolina.

What side are the Appalachian Mountains on eastern or western part of the US?

It is on the Eastern side of north America

Why are most deserts seen on the eastern side of a continent?

Most deserts are on the western side of continents, not the eastern side.