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Q: What single name is more commonly applied to Holy Roman Emperor Charles the Great?
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What is a Chinese emperor?

While the head of China isn't an emperor, but a president (H.E. Hu Jintao), several royal lines, namely the descendants of the Han, Tang, Song, Ming Emperors are likely still alive and well. If migration, bloodline, and ancestry are traced, one will find what could be the equivalent of heads of Royal Families still holding given clan names. Zhu Rongji is one such candidate.

Why did Charlemagnes empire not survive?

Under Frankish law, a kingdom did not pass to a single heir, but was distributed among the heirs. Under the Carolingian Empire, this was modified only to the point of having the empire go to a single heir, but there were numerous kingdoms controlled by different kings. The various kings quarrelled, and the overall emperor was only able to get support from his own kingdom, not from the empire as a whole, so the empire passed to a powerless state. Later, it was revived, but France remained separate from it; in this revived form, it was called the Holy Roman Empire.

Who had global hegemony by 1800?

Nobody. Certainly no single power. Western Europe collectively came closest in geographical reach, yet large areas of the globe were beyond its control: the emperor of a third of the world's population had just told a British emissary to China that he wasn't interested. Assertions of hegemony are usually gross exaggerations and oversimplifications: the world doesn't work like that.

When and why was euro created?

The Euro was created in 1957. It was created to make a single currency throughout Europe. Single currency has many advantages.

Which countries became unified under a single ruler or government during the 1100s and 1200s?

Engand & France were becoming nations unified under a single ruler.

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Which single name is applied to holy roman emperor Charles the great?


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