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The Reformation of the Church of England

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The Protestant Reformation

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Q: What sixteenth-century European upheaval had a profound impact upon England's settlement of the New World?
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Who affected church history?

Different people affected the Church at different times. Possibly most consistently in the West it was the Pope, and in the East it was the Patriarch of Constantinople. Other people who had profound influence included Kings of Franc and Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. If there was a single person outside the Church of the Middle Ages who had the greatest effect on the Church, it might have been the Islamic prophet Muhammad, but people might disagree.

What did Britain do in world war 1?

nothing nothing.

How did Rousseau influence American Revolution?

Rousseau's mostly direct influence was immediate and on the French Revolution. His ideas of legitimacy through the people, support of a republic, and the use of government to manifest the General Will had a profound impact of how organisers and revolutionaries structured their movement and led the Revolution.

What important policy did Japanese leaders follow between 1638 and 1853?

Japan maintened its policy isolation for more than 200 years .Isolation ad a profound effect on japan.Without outside influence , Japanese culture turned inward.Still, art and literature spread beyond the upper classes.Artists found new ways to interpret traditions.During this time ,internal trade boomed .Cities grew in size and importance,and some merchand families gained wealth and status By the early 1700's Edo(present -day Tokyo) had a million inhabitats, more than either London or Paris.

Did things change after World War 2?

Yes, World War II had a profound impact on many aspects of global society. It led to the emergence of the United States and the Soviet Union as superpowers, the creation of the United Nations, the division of Germany into East and West, and the beginning of the Cold War. Additionally, the war resulted in significant social and economic changes, including the establishment of the welfare state, the decolonization of many countries, and advancements in technology and medicine.

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What was the first and perhaps most profound result of the meeting of native and European cultures?

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How did the plague weaken the church?

The aftermath of the plague created a series of religious, social and economic upheavals which had profound effects on the course of European history.

What is opposite of profound?

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How was the Protestant Reformation similar to the European Renaissance?

Both the Protestant Reformation and the European Renaissance challenged existing authority and traditional beliefs. They both focused on individualism, humanism, and a shift towards critical thinking and questioning of established institutions. Both movements had a profound impact on European society and culture.

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A Profound Hatred of Man was created in 1996.

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What 16th century European upheaval had a profound impact upon England's settlement of the new world?

I'm not an expert on European history of that time, but in 1588 the Spanish sent a mighty Armada to attack and conquer England. At this same time John White was trying to organise a relief voyage for his colonists on Roanoke Island in what is now North Carolina. His efforts were delayed until 1590 and one of the reasons may well have been that in anticipation of the Spanish attack all shipping in England was retained for the defence of England. The colony failed. So did the Armada.