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SOCIAL GROUPS INCLUDED IN A CULTURE INCLUDE: culture the way of life of a group of people who share the same similar beliefs and customs, such as a community, a family, or a congregation.

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Q: What social groups are included in a culture?
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Six major components of social structure?

culture, groups, social class, social status, social roles, and stigmas.

What kinds of social groups of geographers study?

i think the the social group geographers study is culture

Who investigates the culture and the social organization of different groups of people?

Cultural anthropologists

Who were the major social groups during the Revolution other than elites?

There were many groups that were present in the Revolution. These included the tradesmen and merchants in addition to the elites.

What were some social causes for the renaissance?

There were a number of social causes for the renaissance. Some of them included religious ideologies, literature, culture and so many more.

How many domains are included in the AF model culture?

There are 12 domains of culture ranging from history, time & space, health, political & social relations and so on.

How could Environment influence personality?

The culture, family, and social groups are all part of the environment, which can influence personality.

What do the 8 traits of culture mean?

The 8 traits of culture are the 8 things that make up what culture represents. Government, religion, economy, language, social groups, history, art, and daily life are ways of expressing your culture.

What term refers to the learned behaviors beliefs and attitudes that characterize a society or population?

Culture refers to the learned behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes that characterize a society or population. The different customs practices by religious groups, social groups, and nationalities are part of their culture. Culture is not a biologically-inherited trait.

Write a note on Social service Tradition in Indian Culture?

One can note that Indian culture is rich and made up of a variety of different ethnic groups. There are caste groups in sections of India which help form a stable hierarchal structure,

Why did immigrants have culture groups when they came to America?

Immigrants had culture groups when they came to America for a variety of reasons. Many immigrants wanted to find a sense of community and support in the unfamiliar new environment. These culture groups allowed immigrants to maintain their heritage and traditions while also providing a social network of support. In addition they provided a place to practice the language customs and beliefs of their homeland. Finally these culture groups provided a way to stay connected with their place of origin while also helping to foster a sense of belonging in their new home. The benefits of forming culture groups included: Maintaining heritage and traditions Providing a sense of community and support Practicing language customs and beliefs from their homeland Fostering a sense of belonging in the new homeIn conclusion culture groups were a valuable resource for immigrants coming to America. They provided a way for them to stay connected to their homeland while also allowing them to find a sense of belonging in their new home.

Name the groups which are included in contingency plan?

Name the groups which are included in contingency plan?