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Medicine and clothing where the main things that stayed the same

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the treatments people had, life in the countryside and travelling.

i'm not to sure what else.

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The houses stayed the same and travelling

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some things

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Q: What stayed the same in 1066 when the normans took over?
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After serfs gained their freedom what is true of their conditions?

the conditions stayed the same. <><><><><><><><><><><><>

What happend to Charlemagne's empire after his death?

The empire stayed the same, but after the death of his son did the empire split in three

When did the Anglo-Saxons appear?

The Anglo-Saxon period begins in the fifth Century A.D., when the Angles, a Germanic tribe from what is now Denmark, came to Britain, which they re-named Engla-lond or "Land of the Angles." The Saxons began coming at about the same time. The period is generally considered to be over with the Norman Conquest of 1066. Our English language has two major dialects to this day, the Anglic dialect of the north, called Scots or Doric or Lallands depending on one's politics, and the Saxon dialect of the South, called Standard English.

What was food like in France before the French revolution?

Well the food didnt change at all it just stayed the same ,i dont think it would have changed because of the revolution.

When did medieval times begin in England?

There are two answers for this question, depending on how history is organized. In Britain, many historians regard the medieval period, or Middle Ages, as a time from 1066 to 1485. They call the period from about 410 to 1066 the Dark Ages. The dates go from when the Roman Empire refused to give aid to the citizens of Britain and told them they were on their own, about 410, to the date of the Battle of Bosworth Field, which put Henry VII, the first distinctively Renaissance King of England, on the throne. Outside Britain, and to some extent within, the term Dark Ages has gone out of use, and the terms Middle Ages and medieval refer to the time from the fall of the West Roman Empire (5th century) to the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Using this definition of medieval, Britain would have the same dates.

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What was home life like after the Norman conquest?

after the Normans invaded home life stayed exactly the same xx

How did Greece change geographically over time?

it stayed the same

What did not change in Britain after 43AD after the Romans invaded?

Although there were a lot of changes after the Norman conquest in 1066, some parts of England stayed the same. Here are some of the examples:Villagers grow crops whether their Lord was Norman/Saxon.The Normans had the same cures and treatments.They kept how people farm the same.They use the same type of money to pay their taxes.Yes the Normans were ruthless and brutal to the Saxons, however, King William also agreed to keep these things the same in order for England to like him

When did the Battle of Hastings start and end?

Happened on the 14th October 1066. (Started around 9am.) It ended the same day at around dusk (6pm) when the English' defensive shield wall was broken through by one last push of the Normans. Harold Godswinson (of the English) died because of an arrow that landed in his eye. When the Normans won the battle, the remaining English troops deserted to the North. It is one of the most famous battles in the Middle Ages.

How many soldiers did William of Normandy have 1066?

the exact size is unknown, historians estimate between 7000 and 50000

what hasn't changed since 1066?

Basically, how William changed it to suit his needs was a difference in itself not only that but he also introduced castles the feudal system stayed the same I guess

What diseases where there in 1066?

The same diseases we have today existed in 1066. With the exception of HIV.

What has stayed the same at Hampton Court Palace?

the clock in clock court has stayed the the same. it even says the right time, the hammer beam ceiling in the grand hall has stayed the same, the statues at he entrance have stayed the same, the diaper brickwork in the front has mostly stayed the same and the kitchens

What is the past tense of you stay in the same building?

The past tense of that senetce would be "You stayed in the same building."

Are the 7 largest cities in England the same as in 1066?


How many years are in between 1066 and 2012?

945 - which is NOT the same as the length of time from 1066 to 2012 (946 years).

How have your theories about the universe stayed the same from vedic times?

How have your theories about the universe stayed the same from vedic times?