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Water, heat and pressure

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Q: What substances are needed for coal to form?
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Which substances is obtained by heating coal in absence of air?

When coal is heated in the absence of air, it undergoes a process called destructive distillation or pyrolysis, resulting in the formation of substances such as coal gas, coal tar, and coke.

Which substances are not needed for respiration?

Glucose and oxygen are needed for respiration. All other substances are not needed.

What form of energy is needed to cause substances to change form one solid to a liquid and a liquid to a gas?

thermal energy is needed to do that job. as opposed to mechanical potential or chemical energies.

What substances can be burnt to produce light and heat energy?

Substances like wood, coal, natural gas, and oil can be burned to produce light and heat energy. These substances undergo combustion reactions that release energy in the form of heat and light.

What substances cause the most death in the country?


Is burning coal a reversible change?

No, burning coal is an irreversible change as it involves a chemical reaction that transforms the coal into new substances such as carbon dioxide and ash. Once coal is burned, it cannot be reverted back to its original form.

What are the substances needed for photosynthesis and what substances are produced?

CO2 and water is needed. Oxygen and glucose are produced

Which types of wriking in coal handling process?

The Coal Handling Plant is needed in the coal handling process.

What element in coal is oxidised to form this gas?

Carbon in coal is oxidized to form carbon dioxide gas when coal is burned.

What element in the air is needed for coal dust to burn?

Oxygen is the element in the air that is needed for coal dust to burn. When coal dust is exposed to oxygen and heat, it can ignite and burn.

What is the most common form of coal in Pennsylvania?


Can coal and diamond be broken down into simpler substances?

Diamonds are Carbon; that's it. Coal is mostly Carbon with other elements in it.