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thick white clothing, dried meat, rice, seeds, fruits, gold coins and personal items

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Q: What supplies are needed when going on a trans-saharan journey?
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The crusades were people that belived in god going on a journey to seek wealth, or/and adventure, or/and salvation, and/or other religious purposes.

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Like almost all wars that the United States got involved in, the 2nd world war brought everybody at home together. Everybody either had a family member who was overseas or they knew someone who was. This brought a lot of patriotism here in the United States. Also the war pretty much helped The U.S. get back on its feet after the Great Depression. With the war going on, the Allied forces needed supplies and weapons. This opened up many new jobs for citizens who desperately needed them. Unfortunately, the war also had some bad effects. Obviously as it was a war, thousands of U.S. soilders died in battle. This left a tremendous effect on the society alone. Families were torn apart, marriages were destroyed and for many families in that time period, life was very hard.

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Medicine was not terribly good/effective in those times, if they cut themselves on the journey they could get the wound infected that would lead to severe medic problems they could would need money but since the long journey they would run out of money for food. They would also drink from sea and river water which could sicken them.omg thank u so much this tots helped me cuz this english thing. the teacher doesn't even know i'm using this!

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What supplies are needed when going on a trans saharan journey?

thick white clothing, dried meat, rice, seeds, fruits, gold coins and personal items

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