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Well the three MAIN groups would probably have been the British, The Boers and the Zulus.

The Xhosa were also fairly powerful though.

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Q: What three groups clashed over territory and resources in south Africa during the 1800's?
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What country had the most land in Africa during scramble for Africa?

France had most of northwest Africa, and Madagascar. This territory was acquired between 1684 and 1898, most during the Scramble for Africa (1881-1914).

What are some examples of conflict over territory and resources during the colonial period?


What impact do mineral resources have on South Africa during the late 1800's?

Mineral resources made South Africa a place of interest to the international community. The Dutch and the British fought over control of South Africa's diamond and gold resources.

Why was Europe so interested in Africa during the industrial revolution?

Africa has valuable natural resources for which Europe has many uses.

What is the scramble for Africa?

The Scramble for Africa was a period during the New Imperialism period where the continent of Africa was invaded occupied and colonized by the major European powers.

What was the major reason European nations competed for control of Africa during the second half of the 1800s?

Africa had a wealth of Natural Resources

Which European monarch privately owned the largest territory in Africa during the colonial period?

the leopards, king of the belgians

What two economic systems clashed during the cold war?

communism and capitalism

What European country controlled the most territory in Africa after the scramble for Africa?

Great Britain controlled a lot of the African country. They were the leader in colonizing during that time period.

What two religious groups clashed during the mid 1500's?

Catholics & Protestants.

What happened to Rome's territory during the Punic wars?

It expanded to include the Western Mediterranean islands and parts of Spain and North Africa.

What was a major reason European nations competed for control of Africa during the second half of the 1800's?

because bla bla bla