What transport was used in kilwa?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Camels were a smart use of transportation. They can store fat/food in their bodies (or humps). They can go four days without water, and they can travel long distances in the desert. Caravans were also used to trade iteams, as well as recieve them!

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Q: What transport was used in kilwa?
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Is kilwa a place?

Kilwa is an empire that existed in the 14th-15th century in Africa. It used to be located where the modern day Tanzania is until it fell that is. So yes, it is a place.

When did Kilwa Empire end?

Kilwa Empire ended in 980.

When was Kilwa Empire created?

Kilwa Empire was created in 224.

What is the Language in Kilwa Kisiwani?

the language of kilwa is mainly kiswahili,though the kisongo could be one of the dialect of kiswahili spoken in kilwa.

Was the Kilwa Empire located in West Africa?

No. The Kilwa were in PERSIA (Iran).

What is the name of people who live in Kilwa?

ibn batuda is the man who lived in kilwa.

Who is mpfor kilwa kusini?

The member of parliament for Kilwa Kusini is Hasnain Gulamabbas Dewji.

What was Kilwa?


Who is mpfor Kilwa kaskazini?

The member of parliament for Kilwa Kaskazini is Dr. Samson Ferdinand Mpanda.

What is kilwa's capital?

ya i had the same question when i did a world history project. i searched around and apparently the capital of ancient kilwa is kilwa....i dont know if that is correct or not. i hope that helps!

Where did Kilwa get their gold?

Kilwa obtained their gold from the nearby mines located in the region of present-day Zimbabwe. They controlled the trade routes that allowed for the transportation of gold to Kilwa for export.

Where is kilwa?

OW wut?