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Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, along with his wife, 5 children and 4 servants, was executed on June 17, 1917. Nicholas was the last tsar to rule the Russian Empire and the end of the 304-year Romanov dynasty.

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Q: What tsar was assassinated along with his whole family?
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In what city did Tsar Nicholas II get assassinated?

He and his family were murdered in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

Which tsar was assassinated in 1881?

Alexander III was assassinated by an anarchistic terrorist group.

What happend to tsar Nicholas's family?

After the two Russian Revolutions, they were put under house arrest in Siberia. However, after the Civil War began, the ruling communists had the family assassinated so the Tsarists fighting them to restore the tsar would have no tsar to champion.

Does Russia have a tsar?

Russia used to have a monarchy. That was ended during the First World War when the Czar was overthrown and a republic was declared. The republic was soon replaced by a dictatorship of the people (a communist state) Now, Russia is theoretically a constitutional democracy, but may be tending back toward a dictatorship.

How did tasar nicholas II die?

Tsar Nicholas II was shot along with his family in 1918.

Why kill the whole family of the tsar?

so now one could rule the throne and hatred

When was the Tsar of Russia overthrown?

The tsar of Russia was dethroned because the people, peasants, did not think that he knew what was best for them. The peasants were living in poverty, but the tsar was living in wealth. They also thought this was unfair, and that it was wrong for him to be rich and rule a country he didn't understand. The people forced the tsar to dethrone, and took him and his family somewhere where the population was low, and after a while, shot the whole family and the tsar. They just wanted to forget that the former tsar never existed.

Which political party assassinated Tsar Alexander II?

Narodnaya Volya, a terrorist organisation.

Why did the Bolsheviks want the romanov family dead?

Because they wanted to kill off the whole Romanov family so they're would never be another Tsar to rule Russia.

Who is tsar csar Nicolas ii?

Tsar Nicholas was the last Tsar of Russia, who was murdered with his family during the Russian Revolution

Why were the Tsar and Tsarina considered an imperial family?

Tsar is the Russian term for the equivalent of an emperor. They are considered emperors/an imperial family because that is what they are.

What group assassinated Czar Nicholas II and his family?

The Bolsheviks, who had seized power in the October Revolution and took control of Tsar Nicholas II and all his family. A Czech contingent of the White Army was on its way to liberate the royal family when the Bolsheviks decided it was better for them to be shot than be restored to the throne.