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Greece and Rome

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Q: What two ancient cultures were most admired during the renaissance?
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What explorers were important during the Renaissance?

Christopher Columbus was a very important explorer during the renaissance

When did renaissance art begin?

Renaissance art began during the Renaissance period. The Renaissance art period began in 1150 and lasted until about 1600.

What big shift in thinking away from Medieval patterns occurred among the leaders of the Renaissance and how did the classical civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome influence them?

During the Medieval Era, the study of theology (the study of God) was the most important branch of learning; but during the Renaissance, people began to pay more attention to earthly life and the study of humanity, or humanism, became a major focus of scholarly attention. Renaissance humanists relied purely on reason (as opposed to such things as prayer or astrology) to investigate subjects they believed might help them understand human life, and solve the problems that faced mankind. To do this, they actively studied the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome because they believed that these civilizations had excelled in humanistic subjects. They dug through ruins for anything that remained of the long-forgotten classical cultures and marveled at the fabulous works of art and architecture they discovered. And Renaissance humanists traveled to distant monasteries in search of ancient books, for they believed that the wisdom of the past would provide the insights they needed to better understand mankind, the world, and the universe.

Which frankish king ruled the carolingian renaissance?

Charlemagne was the frankish king that ruled during The Carolingian Renaissance.

During what years did the Renaissance occur?

from 1300 to 1600

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Which culture inspired renaissance scholars?

Renaissance scholars were inspired by the culture of ancient Greece and Rome, known as classical culture. They admired the art, literature, philosophy, and architecture of these ancient civilizations and sought to emulate and revive their achievements during the Renaissance period.

Why as michelangelo seen as renaissance genius?

He created art during the renaissance and the people admired his work.

Is it true that during the English Renaissance actors were highly regarded and admired?


How did the social structure during the renaissance promote amalgamation of cultures?

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Did arstotle live during the Renaissance?

No. Aristotle lived in ancient Greece.

What were the cultures in Genoa Italy during the renaissance?

they were very butal and bad not to mention mean yes very mean

Whose writings did the scholars of western Europe study during the renaissance?

ancient Greeks and Romans

During the Renaissance Europeans uncovered knowledge from what ancient civilizations?

Renaissance scholars investigated the civilizations around the northern Mediterranean, especially the Greeks and the Romans.

during the renaissance' people looked up to those who could do well in many areas?

Yes, during the Renaissance, individuals who excelled in various fields such as art, literature, science, and philosophy were highly admired and respected. These individuals were often referred to as "Renaissance men" for their well-rounded knowledge and abilities. Leonardo da Vinci is a notable example of a Renaissance man who made significant contributions to multiple disciplines.

During what period in history did Europe see a rebirth of ancient Greek and Roman classics and ideas?

the Renaissance

How were the writers of the Renaissance influenced by the writers of ancient Greece?

During the Renaissance, there was a major resurgence of using classical learning from Greece. These influences included the likes of Plato and Socrates.

The mathematical system of perspective was not used for almost 1000 years after the fall of Rome When did artists start to use it again?

During the Renaissance.